Our vision and values

Every organisation has a vision and some values, whether they are recognised or not! These are ours:

Our vision:

to be a community in Thame worshipping God and sharing with joy the love of Jesus Christ in a needy world

Our values:

We are called to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength

  • We express this through joyfully worshipping God and praying together and by responding to God's word as revealed in the Bible.

  • We look to deepen our relationship with God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through personal prayer, reading and reflection.
  • We believe that God will, by his Spirit, radically change our lives and priorities as we do these things.

We are called to love our neighbours as ourselves

  • We will be generous in thought, word and action reflecting the compassion and kindness of Jesus in our relationships with one another and with the whole community.

  • We will be wholehearted in following and serving Jesus in a way that truly values people and his world.

  • We will be open, real in our relationships and offer friendship to all those we meet.

  • We will encourage and help each person to become all that they can be in Christ.

  • We will engage with God's world with justice and mercy recognising that we are part of God's world-wide church.

  • We will be diligent in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.